Establish an endowment

When you establish an endowment at IMRIC, you donate a sum of money to the Institute. That money is never spent. Instead, it is invested. Each year the interest it earns is awarded in your endowment’s name to the Institute. The earnings from your fund can be applied to any branch of research at IMRIC. It can be designated for student aid, or can go toward vital research projects. Or, it can simply be applied to the Institute’s immediate needs. It’s up to you.

The minimum amount to establish an endowment at IMRIC is $1,800. Keep in mind that the larger the principal, the greater the accrued interest. Donors can add to an endowment at any time.

You can also establish an endowment by naming IMRIC as a beneficiary of your estate. In this case, you can indicate the amount and the area of designation of your choice, and your bequest will link your name in perpetuity to IMRIC, the State of Israel, and the ongoing quest for biomedical breakthroughs that will benefit the world. Please see our planned giving page for more information.

Support Us

For more information, please call Merle Goldman, Associate National Director, Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, at 416-485-8000