How to Donate

There are many ways to give to IMRIC. By donating to IMRIC through Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University (CFHU), you are helping Israel’s most brilliant medical and scientific minds to develop and apply innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing medical problems. Donate today and help us achieve our goal of raising $50 million to harness the incredible talent of IMRIC researchers and their Canadian partners.

  • CFHU is a registered charity and all charitable gifts to IMRIC are tax deductable.
  • All donations are processed over a secure server.

Ways to Give

Send a tribute card or certificate

IMRIC tribute cards and certificates are the perfect way to mark special occasions and life-cycle events, including birthdays, anniversaries, births, New Year's, Passover and other holidays. They are also a thoughtful way to express sympathy or your thanks.

Make an outright gift

An outright gift of cash or property — including bonds, stocks, real estate, or art — is one of the most direct means of supporting IMRIC. These kinds of gifts are straightforward, can provide tax advantages, and can be put to use immediately to benefit the Institute.

Establish an endowment

When you establish an endowment at IMRIC, you donate a sum of money to the Institute. That money is never spent. Instead, it is invested. Each year the interest it earns is awarded in your endowment’s name to the Institute. The earnings from your fund can be applied to any branch of research at IMRIC. It can be designated for student aid, or can go toward vital research projects. Or, it can simply be applied to the Institute’s immediate needs. It’s up to you.

Plan a gift for the future

Planned giving through strategies such as bequests in your will, life insurance, annuities, gifts of property or securities, and trusts allow you to create a lasting legacy at IMRIC. Planned gifts may allow you to make a significant contribution to the Institute, with the added potential advantages of tax savings.