Named/Directed Donation Opportunities

Donations are welcome toward:

  • Student research scholarships at IMRIC
  • Laboratory equipment and facilities at IMRIC
  • IMRIC conferences and retreats
  • Physical structures at IMRIC

Graduate Scholarships

MA Scholarship $8,000
PhD Scholarship $11,000
Endowed Scholarship Fund from $100,000

Post–Doctoral Fellowships

Annual Fellowship $30,000
Endowed Post-Doctoral Fellowship from $750,000
Doctoral Fellowship from $750,000

Young Faculty Support

Sponsoring the absorption of one faculty member $600,000
Named lectureship for specific faculty member $750,000

Scientific Equipment

Equipment purchases from $10,000 to $1 million plus
Endowment fund for equipment purchase $5 million

Departments (five)

Naming of one department $5 million

Research Hubs (eight)

Naming a hub $1 million
Research Endowment Fund $100,000 plus

IMRIC Professional Retreat

One IMRIC retreat $80,000

International Medical Conference

Sponsorship of one medical conference $100,000
Endowment fund to support biennial conference $1.2 million

Other Naming Opportunities

Name a physical structure — The naming of a wing, auditorium, floor, elevator, scholars study room(s), or a laboratory is an outstanding way to support the Institute of Medical Research Israel-Canada, while creating a lasting legacy. Named structures are recognized with appropriate plaques and celebrated with a dedication ceremony at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Administrative Offices $25,000 to $50,000
Scholars Study Rooms / Offices $50,000 and $75,000 each
Lounge / Meeting Rooms $100,000 each
Elevators $100,000 each
Instrument Facilities $30,000 to $100,000 each
Laboratory Preparation Facilities $100,000 each
Laboratories $250,000 to $350,000
Auditorium Reception Hall $200,000
Auditorium $1 million (seats 100)
Auditorium $2 million (seats 240)
Main Entrance hall $2 million
Entrance Level Floor $3 million
Lower Garden Level Floor $3 million
8 Research Sections (half a floor each) $1.5 million
1 Wing $5 million


Support Us

For more information, please call Merle Goldman, Associate National Director, Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, at 416-485-8000