IMRIC and Canadian researchers are working towards treatment and cures for a range of diseases. From cancer, to diabetes, to blindness, their innovative research is poised to change the world.

Research Topics

Alzheimer's Disease

Many families have had to go through the pain of watching a loved one suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. This devastating disease, which worsens over time, robs people of their ability to remember things, make decisions, and so much more. 

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Every year, more and more children get diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. With an onset prior to 3 years of age, these children spend the majority of their lives dealing with the academic and social implications that are associated with this brain disorder.

Breast Cancer

Each year, thousands of women, both young and old, are plagued by the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. This disease not only affects these women individually, but their families as well.