HIV/AIDS Research


Dr. Frank Plummer's team at the University of Manitoba and Prof. Ofer Mandelboim's team at IMRIC have completed their first year of collaborative research. Researchers from both Winnipeg and Jerusalem travelled to Kenya, and their work in the field showed that NK cells do play a role in building resistance to infectious diseases such as HIV.

Parkinson's Disease Research


IMRIC researcher Prof. Hagai Bergman, a pioneer in the development of treatment for Parkinson's and other movement disorders, has teamed up with senior scientist Dr. Andres Luzano of Toronto Western Hospital. 

Prostate Cancer Research


In 2008, Dr. Larry Goldenberg, founder of the MHIBC and Director of the Vancouver Prostate Centre, asked if IMRIC would collaborate on developing ways to effectively treat prostate cancer. These tumors grow at different rates and surgery is only performed at a later stage, but in cases of rapid growth, surgery may be too late.