University / Organizations

Canadian universities and organizations are working with IMRIC to help raise money and promote the amazing research being done in Israel and Canada. It is their participation in conjunction with IMRIC that has helped to facilitate ground-breaking research.

Canada-Israel International Fetal Alcohol Consortium

IMRIC is proud to be involved in this partnership with the University of Manitoba, whose physical presence stretches all across the province. Its main campus provides students with the unique opportunity to study, learn, and hone their skills in a collaborative way alongside some of the best practitioners in the country.

McGill University

The IMRIC collaboration between McGill University and the Hebrew University brings together two top scientists who have each made their mark in the world of cancer research. Their partnership will bring us closer to understanding cancer cell programming, which can help scientists stop the metastatic seeding process, giving doctors more effective ways to treat women and reduce mortality from the disease.

Mens Health Inniative of BC, UBC and VGH

In 2008, Dr. Larry Goldenberg, founder of the Men’s Health Initiative of British Columbia (MHIBC) and Director of the Vancouver Prostate Centre asked if IMRIC would collaborate on developing ways to effectively treat prostate cancer. These tumors grow at different rates and surgery is only performed at a later stage, but in cases of rapid growth, surgery may be too late.