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Cancer And Vampires: An Evolutionary Approach From IMRIC

Dr. Yuval Tabach

Jerusalem, June 22, 2015 — Two major revolutions, one genomic and one in informatics, are completely changing the face of biomedical research. Every day all over the world, millions of genetic sequences — from disease-related genes to complete genomes of plants, animals, bacteria and viruses — are resolved, identified and dissected.

Canadian And Israeli Scientists Tackle Deadly Pancreatic Cancer As Alex U. Soyka Pancreatic Cancer Research Project Is Dedicated In Jerusalem

Soyka dedication

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) Commits Additional $4.6 Million to Research Efforts Initiated by Sylvia Soyka and SMGS Family Foundation

IMRIC's Professor Ofer Mandelboim Wins Hebrew University’s Kaye Innovation Award

Prof. Ofer Mandelboim

Hebrew University immunologist Professor Ofer Mandelboim won The Hebrew University’s prestigious Kaye Innovation Award for his research underlying BL-9020, for the treatment of Type 1 diabetes.