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Vlog #2: Dr. Alex Binshtok: The latest in Chronic Pain Research

Blog: Faculty
Dr. Alex Binshtok

I'm back with my next Vlog in which I discuss chronic pain and the research methods and investigations we are are currently working on in my lab. I am excited to share our work with you and hope you enjoy the video. There's still more to come!

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Partner Up!

Breakthrough science in the making

It is always fun to share good news. And what could be better than a new partnership that will eventually lead to even more innovative science and medical breakthroughs. Last week it was announced that The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, representing 97 universities, will join forces to, “work together in order to facilitate, promote and support international research collaboration between Israeli and Canadian universities.”

The signing of the agreement took place during a mission to Israel co-hosted by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs. The delegation was made up of Canadian university presidents, including from Simon Fraser University, University of Calgary, University of Saskatchewan, Queen’s University, Concordia University, and St. Francis Xavier University.

Here at the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada, IMRIC, we have already had incredibly fruitful collaborations, giving both sides of the world, unique opportunities and dynamic virtual labs in our quest for answers and cures in some of the most prevalent diseases facing us today.

I can’t wait to report on more amazing research that is bound to come! For now check out the others who are also excited for the new relationship!

AUCC Vice-President Christine Tausig Ford said: “Canada and Israel share a common commitment to educational attainment and research excellence, and are among the best in the world in these important indicators of global leadership. Increased collaboration with universities in Israel will strengthen the research and teaching missions of Canada’s universities and benefit both countries’ economies.”

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Meet The Next Einstein Winner: Charles Rose

Searching for the Next Einstein

Check out this video of Charles Rose's speech in which he discusses his 'Searching for the Next Einstein' winning idea. While in Israel Charles shared the concept  of using dragonflies to eradicate global warming and his love for science, and still made sure to get in vacation time and tour the most popular site's the Holy Land has to offer.

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Vlog: IMRIC Researcher Dr. Binshtok on science, passion and pain

Blog: Faculty
Dr. Alex Binshtok

In my first vlog I would like you to learn a little about myself in order to understand my research and detailed investigations in my vlogs to come. In this vlog I speak about myself outside the lab, although the lab is really where I am most of the time. I also share with you my decision to focus on my current research, chronic pain and my goals for the future. 

A TV Show That Shakes Things Up: Starring Parkinson's

Michael J. Fox is once again bringing his star power to the Parkinson’s community and raising awareness in a most unique way. With TV shows ranging from the strangest of reality to every kind of criminal activity out there, it’s time to change it up and throw Parkinson’s into the mix.

And who better to have a TV show with a character dealing with Parkinson’s disease than Michael J. Fox. Diagnosed with the disease in 1991, Fox went public with his condition in 1999. In the year 2000 he semi-retired from acting due to the severity of the disease; however, the beloved actor is finally making his comeback in a new television show, which mirrors his own life and struggles with the disease.

The sitcom,"The Michael J. Fox Show,” is about a news anchor, Mike Henry, who decides to return to television, despite his continuing struggle with Parkinson's disease. Like Fox himself, its eponymous star is a adored Hollywood actor, who has decided to return to television, despite his fight with Parkinson's disease. NBC won a bidding war to produce the series, and has committed to make 22 episodes before the pilot is even broadcast in the autumn.

Fox wants to make it clear that he is not making fun of the disease or himself, but rather he is, “just showing a guy who looks at life with humor," he explains in a tweet.  In an interview with AdWeek Fox discusses the storyline for the show as being roughly based on stories from his books. “We cast children that are roughly the same age of my own kids, so a lot of the experiences and interactions are the same. Although they’re not so much alike that my real kids are going to think that every time one of the kids on the show does something goofy it’s a reflection on them,” he says.

Check out the show’s preview below and get ready for an personal education in Parkinson’s.

Check out IMRIC's breakthrough Parkinson's research.

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