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Meet the Killer in You

Blog: Faculty

There's a killer inside your body. In fact, there's a whole series of killers. But don't be alarmed. They're part of your immune system. In fact, they are the most versatile, powerful weapon in your body's immunological arsenal. Their objective: to search and destroy any foreign bodies that might invade your body. And they do this without special prompting or activation.

Does the body offer a natural protection against HIV?

Blog: Guest

HIV — the genetic key 

This virus is responsible for more than 60 million infections since its discovery and it is estimated that more than 33 million individuals are currently living with HIV. The majority of these infections occur in resource-challenged environments where access to treatment is limited. Sub-Saharan Africa remains the hardest hit by the global HIV epidemic. Despite heroic efforts, including more than three decades in HIV research and vaccine design, we still remain without an effective licensed candidate.

Stepping into Star Trek

My first encounter with IMRIC – the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada – was in October 2010, at a presentation by Dr. Amir Amedi. To demonstrate how he was training blind people to "see" using sound, he asked those of us present to close our eyes and “listen to the direction” of the sounds he was playing. Most of us there were able to hear the sounds going left to right and up and down. Some could even visualize in our minds the image he was sending through sounds: a letter of the alphabet. He then described how stereo headphones can enable the blind to substitute sound for light and to see everyday objects. Suddenly I was transported hundreds of years into the future, where a blind-from-birth starship officer could navigate an interstellar ship across the galaxies thanks to a specially designed visor that enabled him to see with his brain.