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IMRIC Researcher Battles Parkinson's Disease

IMRIC Researcher Prof. Hagai Bergman
Today's Parkinson's Disease sufferers can look forward to more options to help them battle this disease's more debilitating symptoms.  

Canadian Mayors Get a First-Hand Look at IMRIC's Innovative Research

In the photo: (l. to r.) Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz and wife, Leah;  Lynn Mandel an

Over 25 mayors from six continents converged on Jerusalem to participate in an international conference on clean technology and education.  For two Canadian mayors, however, this was also an opportunity to meet the IMRIC researchers working in collaboration with scientists in their two respective cities.

Cancer research at IMRIC – Blazing New Trails

Cancer research at IMRIC – Blazing New Trails

Cancer doesn’t discriminate.  Men, women and children are all susceptible to this horrible disease.  

At IMRIC, researchers are working on new ways to help stop this deadly killer that is taking thousands of lives each year.  Here are just a few of the projects IMRIC researchers are working on to stop the spread of cancer in our lifetime:

In My Mind's Eye

Dr. Amir Amedi

By Dr. Amir Amedi

Ask most people what part of the body they use to see and they'll probably say their eyes.    But the truth is more complex than that.  The truth is we don't see with our eyes.
We see with our minds.   

Greetings from The Hebrew University & Congratulations to Uncle Joe

 Join Marlena Bova in congratulating  her uncle, Joe Bova Post your message in t

Hi, everyone.  I'm Marlena Bova from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I'm a student of the faculty of law at the University of Manitoba studying at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on an exchange program courtesy of the Canadian Friends of The Hebrew University.  I'm spending the month here studying Israeli and International law.