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The Virtual Race: The Advocate Behind the Avatar

Connie Putterman


The Virtual Marathon for Medical Research is an incredible cause. In a previous blog post, Nelson Douglas, President and CEO of BC Cancer Foundation, wrote about his foundation’s commitment to the cause, and the important role the race plays in funding medical research.

Since the race is online, all sponsorships go towards the avatars running the race. Each avatar represents different medical causes like Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and many more. While the avatars will do the physical work of running the marathon online, it is the real people behind the images that are working to raise awareness and funds.

Case in point: Meet Connie Putterman the avatar and advocate running for Autism Spectrum Disorder research. Putterman leads the Canadian business development for Springboard; a U.S. based consulting company that manages corporate disability, diversity, and work-life and human resource initiatives. Among her volunteer efforts, Putterman is an active member of the Canadian Friends of Hebrew University Toronto Chapter Board.

Putterman says she joined the race because she thought it was a really" ‘cool’ and innovative way to raise money for IMRIC,” and she wanted to “raise money for autism research and autism research partnerships with Canadian researchers.”

Pick a Team: Virtual Marathon for Medical Research: Supporting breast cancer research

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By: Douglas Nelson, President and CEO of BC Cancer Foundation
Douglas Nelson, President and CEO of BC Cancer Foundation

Douglas Nelson, President and CEO of BC Cancer Foundation, writes about his support for the IMRIC Virtual Marathon. Check out this excerpt from his post on the BC Cancer Foundation blog

This is a brief interruption to Dr. Aly Karsan’s blogging to share an interesting fundraising opportunity that is happening right now online—it’s a virtual race!

The Virtual Marathon for Medical Research - December 11, 2011 The BC Cancer Agency has recently entered into the Virtual Marathon for Medical Research presented by the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada (IMRIC). It is a virtual race that will take place on December 11, 2011, where 10 different charities will race to win money for their cause; and each charity is represented by an avatar based on the likeness of a real person.

One of our recent guest bloggers, Dr. Karen Gelmon, will be racing—in avatar form—for breast cancer research, and I would like to extend the invite to you to support her virtual marathon for breast cancer research.

To read more and check out how to join the Virtual Marathon for Medical Research click here

The Hub for Cancer Research Hub Day, an Incredible Moment for Science: video and pictures

The Hub for Cancer Research Day Poster Exhibit


The first Hub for Cancer Research Day was an incredible day of science. The day was packed with amazing lectures and presentations about the latest investigations and breakthroughs in cancer research.

There were back to back lectures including professors from Princeton and Harvard. In fact, Princeton Prof. Yibin Kang, a lecturer that day, told me he came to Israel just for this special occasion. He was glad he made the trip and impressed with the caliber of student at the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada (IMRIC). You can check out what he had to say in the video below.

VLOG: Innovations in Cancer Research, Dr. Rotem Karni

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Dr. Rotem Karni, IMRIC Researcher

In this exclusive vlog, IMRIC reseracher Dr. Rotem Karni explains his current cancer research and his latest discovery that may lead to new  therapies for brain cancer. Check out the video to get the basic understanding of a basic breakthrough in science. A must watch for those with friends and family suffering from cancer. For more on the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada go to



Mo' Moustache Mo' Awareness: Movember is all year long at IMRIC

Movember baby Yona

Have you noticed more and more moustaches sitting next to you in cafes, on the bus, or in the dim lighting of a movie theater? Me too. The moustache craze is not your imagination. It’s better than that. It’s growing facial hair for an amazing cause.

‘Movember’, which of course takes place during the month of November, is the inspiration behind the hairy lips sprouting up in Canada and all over the world. These aren’t just any moustaches, they are ‘Mo’s’ and with each hair they are visually spreading the awareness of men’s health issues.