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Vlog: Dr. Karen Gelmon Visits IMRIC

Dr. Karen Gelmon

This past week the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada (IMRIC) had a very special visit from Dr. Karen Gelmon. You might recognize her from her avatar runner in our recent Virtual Marathon for Medical Research, in which she ran for Breast Cancer Research.  Well this week she was busy running around the Hebrew University's campuses during her trip in Israel. 

I had the pleasure of meeting her during her tour at IMRIC in Jerusalem. While her schedule had her bouncing from one lab to another, I was able to squeeze in just enough time with her to get a quick recap of her trip. You can watch her video to hear what she had to say first-hand about IMRIC, breast cancer research and a hopeful beginning to a beautiful collaboration. 


New Year's Resolution: Always Want More

Tick tock it's another year!


Every New Year's Eve you and I probably do the same thing: make resolutions. Some we write down, some we say out loud and some we keep to ourselves. And some we don't keep at all. I'm sure that one of those not-kept-resolutions is the determination to lose weight or eat less.

These resolutions are filled with so much hope…but so is my plate at my New Year's Eve party.  The clock has just struck midnight and I have just given up my newest resolution to that piece of yummy chocolate cake, smothered in a pool of melting ice cream.

Enough of these resolutions! This year I am embarking on a new resolution. This year I hope to have more not less. I want more exercise and smart food choices. I want more good health, good hair and good breath. I want more glass half-full days…no I want the glass to be completely full.

The Jerusalem Night Run and Medical Research Keep Running! Part 2


I just can't get enough of the Jerusalem Night Run. Unfortunately it is now raining so hard I can't even run outside for fun. These videos that I would like to share with you will keep my running spirit going, even if physically my feet can't get going! Check out the team and some of the runners, including a clip of Alexandra, the women's division winner of the race, from Team IMRIC!


I hope that the rain will stop just long enough so that I can do my training for the half-marathon! That's 21km. (13m.) which means a lot of running, training and all around strength.


The Jerusalem Night Run and Medical Research Keep Running! Part 1

Someone to Run WIth, Race Night!


The first-ever Jerusalem Night Run made the Old City look young again. It was a quick transformation, I would even say too fast, but it took the ancient streets by surprise. Instead of the normal silent buzz around the archaic walls, they were alive with the pitter-patter of running feet, two-thousands to be exact.

For me personally, the night meant a change in the city's attitude to health, something that is very important to me as a new mother. While it is true that Israelis do have a healthier diet with lots of salads and hummus, the country has become more overweight in the last few years. The run brought awareness to health and healthy fun.


And it was so much fun. I joined the Hebrew University Running group, 'Someone to Run With', for the race and had a blast. The group was sponsored by the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada (IMRIC) and we had the sweatshirts to prove it. It was incredible to run in a group of young students, many of which were from the institute itself. They proudly wore their sweatshirts while warming up and through the cold streets of Jerusalem. 

During the run we ran as small groups, each at their own pace. I was proud to finish the race in under an hour (there are a lot of hills in Jerusalem). After the race we all gathered together to cool down, share our experiences and find out our times. It was then we found out that one of our own was a winner of the race, Alexandra had placed 1st in the women's division. If the group was proud before, we now had even more to celebrate.

Running all over the World: The Virtual Race and the Jerusalem Night Run, Make sure to Stretch!

Blog: Guest
By: Bar Pereg
Hebrew University running group, "Someone to Run With"

As a Hebrew University student I am so excited to take part in the Virtual Race. After all, your support goes towards my school. My friends. My professors. So thank you for your contribution because I know that the researchers at the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada (IMRIC) are making their contribution to science and society through their incredible investigations and innovations.

The big virtual race day takes place on Dec.11, and on Dec.12 another exciting race is taking place right here in Jerusalem, the first ever Night Run. Runners from around Israel will come together in Jerusalem’s Old City, circling the ancient walls and running through the streets for this awesome race.