New Beginnings and Nova Scotia, Let the School Year Begin

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IMRIC and You

Molly Livingstone

Molly Livingstone

Molly Livingstone never did well at science, but that hasn’t stopped her from appreciating it. Here at the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada (IMRIC) she is able to witness first-hand, the innovative breakthroughs changing the face of medicine, on a daily basis. Living in Israel, Molly has the opportunity of visiting the IMRIC labs, talking with the students and faculty about their latest research, and getting to know the people behind these great minds.

 MOU signing between Hebrew University and Dalhousie University
MOU signing (Photo courtesy of Mati Milstein)

With the new school year about to open on November 1st, the campus is buzzing with excitement. The students are wandering the university grounds and checking out the labs. Many of them know that these brightly lit rooms, with lots of big fancy equipment will become their home away from home, as they spend many waking hours researching and investigating for the first time. Others have also found the hang out spots on the lawn or in the cafes. I spoke with some of the students as they made their way from orientation to orientation, and they all mention how much they are looking forward to the teaching labs and taking part in experiments for the first time. 

Returning students are also anticipating the start of the school year, although many of them have been in the labs throughout summer vacation. They just can’t seem to get away. These students will most likely inform the new guys about campus life, spending many hours in the lab and the thrill of your first discovery. The first of hopefully many. 

Along with the new school year, I am proud to announce the new collaboration with Nova Scotia’s Dalhousie University. I couldn’t think of a better way to get the school year off to a great start, then with the special visit from the Nova Scotia delegation that took place this week. MOU Signing

The group visited the Hebrew University campus this past Sunday for a very intimate signing ceremony. Premier Darrell Dexter, who led the seven-day trade and investment mission to Israel with Nova Scotia Business Inc. and business and academic leaders, stood by as Dalhousie's vice-president of research, Martha Crago made it official. The memorandum of understanding signed that day reaffirmed Dalhousie’s commitment to explore collaborative opportunities on international research. 

The collaboration will focus on prospects in medical research, oceanography and water and waste management. As Ms. Cargo stated, “We're essentially setting up research collaboration based on our mutual strengths." She added that, "Israel is a leader in technology commercialization and we're looking forward to exploring how Dalhousie and Hebrew University can work together on projects that benefit both institutions." 

In fact it is possible that by this time next year, as another new school year opens, we may have post-doctoral students from Nova Scotia wandering the campus too. For now the signing leaves behind a great excitement of possibility for this year’s student body and faculty, and that along with the smell of new lab coats and strange chemicals is good enough for me.